Friday, 28 December 2018

ArMoR - Mobile Robot

Arduino Mobile Robot (ArMoR)-CESTBOT was designed for STEAM Education (Mechatronics) suitable for student Form 2 and Form 3 especially for "Reka Bentuk Teknologi " (RBT) subject to get involve in Mechatronic elementry. This package innovated with new simplified custom C language library by CEST Solution to make an easy learning process for kids. What function you will learn in our simplified custom library (CESTBOT_Library) coding????? 1 - Line Sensor Auto Calibration Coding 2 - Ultrasonic Sensor Auto Calibration Coding 3 - Basic Movement Coding 4 - Line Follower Coding 5 - Obstacle Avoidance Coding 6 - Android Apps Control Coding NO MORE COMPLEX C PROGRAMMING CODING!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHH
below 15 lines for every applications.
Code by: Malaysia Team Coach, 2nd Rnner up Winner RobotWorld 2016, Seoul South Korea. Saeon Autonomous System Challenge. Package Included (Fully Assembly): => SIAP PASANG PERCUMA PEMASANGAN 1 - 2WD Mobile Robot Platform 2 - Arduino UNO + USB Cable 3 - Motor Shield (4 Channel DC / 2 Ch Stepper / 2 Ch Servo) 4 - Line Sensor x2 5 - Ultrasonic Sensor 6 - Ultrasonic Stand 7 - Bluetooth Module HC05/06 8 - Buzzer Module 9 - Battery 18650 4800mWh 3.7V x2 10 - Battery Casing 11 - Battery Charger 12 - Battery Charger Socket Europe Conversion 13 - Female to Female Jumper Wire 14 - Manual book printed full color (Bahasa Malaysia) 15 - Packaging Box

Download Material:

1- CESTBot_Library_V5 (Password Required - at Your ArMoR Purchase box)
2 - Arduino Remote LITE by: Nguyễn Duy Hiếu (Collaboration Partner)

Perisian USB
*Arduino NANO mempunyai dua jenis chip USB berbeza, jika Port tidak dapat dikesan sila install CH340G atau FT232R atau kedua-duanya sekali jika tidak pasti.

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Video Tutorial 1: Pemasangan Arduino Mobile Robot ArMor (V5)

Video Tutorial 2: Pemasangan Electronik ArMoR (V5)

Video Tutorial Software:
Robot v5 tutorial software

Cara untuk Tukar nama pada Bluetooth HC-05 dan HC-06