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List of Arduino based Projects:

Project 01: Circuit Breaker Failure Restart using GSM
Project 02: Arduino Drag Racing Chritsmas Tree
Project 03: Body Posture Correction for Medical Chair System
Project 04: Door reminder system based on angular
Project 05: Exam Attendance System using Fingerprint by saving data to SD card

Project 06: Exam Attendance System using RFID and GSM
Project 07: Parking System Use Voice Sensor
Project 08: Portable Forging
Project 09: Acoustic Pill Dispensing Machine
Project 10: Finger Print Cabinet Lock

Project 11: Smart Dustbin
Project 12: Voting System
Project 13: Attendance Record System Use SD Card
Project 14: Smart Door Bell
Project 15: Heart Beat and Breathing Monitor Save To Sd Card

Project 16: Finger Nerve System
Project 17: Shoes Dryer
Project 18: Intelegent Security Lock
Project 19: Monitoring water Use Ph Sensor
Project 20: Exam Record System Trigger By SMS

Project 21: Wireless Robotic Hand
Project 22: Fall Detector Demo MPU6050 with GSM SIM900A
Project 23: Coin Counting Machine
Project 24: BMI (Body Mass Index)
Project 25: Finger Print Door Lock

Project 26: Automatic Car Parking
Project 27: Mailbox Wireless
Project 28: Fall detected use mpu6050
Project 29: Fire sensor trigger by sms (arduino custom)
Project 30: Wireless Drag Racing using NRF (Maximum Rang 1km)

project 37: Blood Storage Box
project 38: Shoe Dryer
project 40: Timer Alarm System
project 42: 

List of Android Apps/IOT based Projects:

Project 101: Bluetooth Smart Door Lock
Project 102: Smart Rear View Mirror using Auto Apps Adjustment
Project 103: IoT Blynk Motor Monitoring System
Project 104: IoT Control Relay Use Blynk
Project 105: Fall Detection System Based On Blynk

Project 106: IoT Power Monitoring

Fall Detection system based on blynk

Fall Detection system based on blynk
Project 107: Fishing Vessel Monitoring System Use GPS
Project 108: Fall Detector Using By GPS
Project 109: Green House Monitor
Project 110: Fire Alarm

Project 111: Pulse Monitor
Project 112: Rubber Strain Gauge Record
Project 113: LED Cube 4x4x4 Wireless
Project 114: Door Lock Monitor Use IoT
Project 115: Heart Beat Breathing IoT

Project 116: Timing System for Track and Feild to Improve Athelete Performance
Project 117: Security Lock Change pasword By Blynk
Project 118: Current, Power Monitoring IoT Use ACS 712
Project 119: IOT Car Parking System using Nodemcu esp8266 wifi + Blynk
Project 120: Fall Detected Using Blynk send Notification and Email

Project 121: IoT Boat (Blynk Notification)
Project 122: Water Flow Monitoring (IoT)
Project 123: Ingenious Prayer Mat With Smart Rakaah Notification Device
Project 124: Monitoring Ph Sensor using ESP32
Project 125: Face recognition attendance system USB PLX-DAQ

Project 141: Monitoring Heart Beat
project 142: ESP Now Communication
project 143: 
project 144: 
project 145: 

List of Automation & Mechanical based Projects:

Project 201: Robot Arm Control By POT
Project 202: Automation Factory System Transfer Item
Project 203: Automation Factory System Build Bun
Project 204: Water refill system
Project 205: Animals trap IoT

List of  Raspberry Pi based Projects:

Project 300 :